Alumni of Rajiv Gandhi Government College Chaura Maidan, Shimla, have permanent, unbreakable and life long bonds between them and their alma mater. Alumni of RGGC Chaura Maidan, Shimla are our brand ambassador and have attained laurels par excellence with their accomplishments and contribution to their profession and nation building. As academician, politician, scientists, athletes, members of the military, paramilitary forces, actors, media personalities etc. our students have made significant contributions to India’s economic and social growth.
The relationship between alma mater and its alumni is of symbiosis and reciprocity. The Kotshera Alumni Association provides a platform for interaction between alumni, students, faculty of the college and the administration. Kotshera Alumni Association has been carrying out active involvement with the alumni since its inception. Alumni association has contributes in various non-financial means such as career counselling, skill development, expert talks and industry visits. The Alumni Association provides a platform to all the alumni from different fields like sports, music, journalism, politics, bureaucracy, academia, etc. to interact, relive old memories and share experiences. The Alumni Association encourages interaction and discussion of current students with the old students who have excelled in their respective fields. This enriches our student’s skills and inspires them to perform well in the competitive world.

Office Bearers
SN NamePosition
1.Dr. Deepak SharmaPresident
2. Kuldeep Sharma Vice President
3. Anil Bhardwaj Secretary
4. Khem Raj Verma Treasurer
5. Sanjay Kumar Executive Member

Contribution of Alumni Association
1. Alumni Interaction: Alumni of Rajiv Gandhi Government College Chaura Maidan, Shimla give inputs to our aspiring graduates. They are invited as resource person during organization of various events and to deliver specialized lectures. They provide inputs and share their experiences regarding skills, recent technologies and trends in corporate worlds, application of knowledge and corporate working culture.
2. Placement & Career Guidance Assistance: Alumni are working in various organizations and are at higher positions in the departments of production, sales, management etc. They keep the faculties, Career & Placement cell abreast about the available job opportunities. They help, assist and guide the students with respect to the preparation for interviews. They also share their experience with the students and motivate them for their career development in various domains.
3. Alumni Meet: Rajiv Gandhi Government College Chaura Maidan, Shimla also conducts Alumni Meet during annual function or convocation. In this meet the alumni get chance to recollect their memories, reconnect with the Alma mater and old friends. The inputs provided by the alumni with respect to the latest advancements related to their profession, are very helpful in making necessary modifications in the related curriculum to make the out-going graduates as future ready professionals. In addition, other general suggestions provided by the old students have also been very valuable in providing homely environment on the campus.
4. Promoting Institute Events: Alumni have not only been associating but playing very significant role in the organisation of various events. Their dedicated participation has always motivated the students and enhanced their confidence and potential related to planning and its execution.

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Events Organised by Kotshera Alumni Association - 2 Days Badminton Championship
- Talk with Mr. Amit Negi, renowned mountaineer

2 Days Badminton Championship